DIY Different Bookmark Designs

It’s time to change, don’t stick with your old bookmarks, try this designs that you, your friends and also kids will surely love. They are lovely, cool, cute and very attractive. You can also make your own designs like in doodles, you can put your name and draw different faces around it. This are very easy because the things you need in doing this can be found inside your house.

You can share this to your friends. You can do it together on your free time.

1. Mini Doodle Bookmark

Turn your simple and boring bookmarks into a cute and cool doodle bookmarks while you are reading your favorite books.
If you want to have this cute bookmark, all you need is a paper, scissors, pencil, ruler, pen and a glue.
watch this for instructions:


2. Corner Bookmarks

Have some craze on making corner bookmarks! Make your own design or favorite character like sponge bob, angry birds, stitch and others to your bookmarks. This are incredibly cute, but easy to make.
see You Are Awesome for the materials and procedure
©You Are Awesome



3. Paper Clips

The simplest way to have a bookmark is using a paper clip, but what if we add some twist and fun? Turn your simple paper clips to this. You can use buttons and bids to be put at the top of the clips as the design.


You can also make a heart out of the paper clips just like this, simple but beautiful.
©How About Orange


4. Quoted

You can add your favorite inspiring quotes in doing your own bookmarks. This can be drawn, but usually this is printed.

You need to create a lay out or design of your bookmark like in photoshop, then print it. After printing it, cut it out and use a puncher to have a whole where you can put a ribbon.


See more…


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