DIY Long Stemmed Paper Rose


Many of us have been asking how to make a paper rose, what is its pattern? In this outline it is perfect to be used on making rose using colored paper, construction papers, newspapers, metallic paper and others. You can use a bamboo stick or a florist wire as the stem of the rose.

-bamboo skewer
-glue gun
-metallic paper (or any kind of paper you want)

Here are steps on making a long stemmed paper rose:

1. Print PDF onto paper for blooms and leaves
2. Trim all petals
3. Curl two corners of each petal with edge of scissors
4. Glue petals 4-7 to form cones
5. For stemmed rose, bend floral wire about an inch on one side
6. Glue petal one onto wire rolling back corner as you wrap around wire
7. Glue petals 2 and 3 onto wire rotating to form rose center
8. Skewer in order, petals 4-7 onto floral wire
9. Rotate petals to look natural and glue each on base into place
10. Wrap floral wire around stem pulling gently to activate stick
11. trim leaf and fold in half, use edge of scissors to curl both sides of leaf
12. Glue leaf to stem and finish wrapping stem with floral tape
13. Use for a bouquet, or single rose, or curl the stem for a gift topper or corsage



For no stem version here are the steps:

1.For rose with out stem use a bamboo skewer to form center of rose
2.Glue petals 1-3 onto each other but not onto skewer
3.Gently pull bamboo skewer from rose center
4.With petal 4-7 glued to form cones, glue center into petal 4 and repeat through 7,               rotate petals to create natural look
5.With folded and curled leaf, glue onto back of finished rose
6.Hot glue hair clip or floral magnet or ribbon onto back of the rose



For more clarifications watch Paper Rose Video Tutorial


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