DIY Great Terrarium Gifts

Instead of giving clothes, teddy bears, chocolates and any other gifts for any celebration, you can give them a gift made by your own creation, like a terrarium. It can be terrariums made from ornaments, recycled bottles, light bulbs and empty jars. We can make useless things into a useful decorations or gifts that everyone will love and appreciate.

1. Ornament Terrariums

You can use a clear glass accessories or a clear Christmas ball with a removable hanger. Just fill the area inside with a soil, small plants, tiny pebbles or anything that you want as a decor for your terrarium. Click here for instructions & materials

Terrarium-ornament-top-ten-DIY-holiday-gif-537x372                Copyrights:

2. Bottle Terrariums

You can use a recycled glass bottle, but you can also do it on a soda bottle or odd shaped. You can use this for additional home decor.  Click here for materials & instructions


3. Light Bulb Terrariums

If you have light bulbs that are about to blow out anytime, you can turn it into a light bulb terrarium. Instead of just throwing away the light bulbs when it’s not working already, you can make other use of it as a home decor or a gift for your friends, family or loved ones. Click here for materials & instructions


4. Jar Terrarium

It’s so much fun creating a little world of plants inside a mason jar or a terrarium. This is the usual thing used to make a terrarium, it can be formed upside down. This is easier than the other terrariums because you have nothing to do with the container, you just need to put the things you want inside the jar. Click here for materials & instructions



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