Button Craft Ideas – DIY

This is an easier and more creative way to make a gift or to have a beautiful home decor. Using loose buttons you can produce or create new products that can be used for your own business. These are made from the loose buttons from your clothes.These are some of the products you may use.


Copyright: http://www.dosmallthingswithlove.com/2013/06/felt-button-butterflies.html

1. Felt Button Butterfly Craft

This will be a nice gift for your girl friends, easy and fast to make. Using different colors and size of buttons you can make different shapes like butterfly, bats, flowers and others.

IMG_4565                            COURTESY OF JAMIELYN

2. Button Letter

You can use this as a room decor. You can make different letters or the initials of your name and paste it on the wall. All you need to have are wooden letter, paint and different sizes and colors of buttons. Instructions here


Copyright: http://craftklatchwithmona.blogspot.hu/2013/06/button-flowers-craft-tutorial.html

3. Button Flower Decorations 

This is how to make kid’s room more beautiful, specially for girls. You only need buttons and a glue. Here is the video tutorial

feb11 311a    Copyright: http://icandy-handmade.com/2011/02/tutorial-button-explosion-tee_19.html

4. T-shirt Button Decor

Turn your plain shirts into a colorful one. This outfits is good for kids. You can use a sewing machine when doing this, but it’s better if you do it manually. Here are the directions


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