DIY Ripped Jeans

If you want to have your own style of a ripped jeans, you can do it at home. Because we all know that buying jeans that are already ripped are expensive. If you still have your old pants or jeans that still fits your size, you can use it for less expenses.



1. Choose a pair of jeans that will fit you well.
2. Gather your materials (if you want to create holes or a frayed look)
3. Pick a pot to rip.
4. Spread out the jeans to a flat surface.
5. Start fraying the jeans with sand paper.
6. Loosen the fibers more to create holes.
7. Add holes with the knife and scissors.
8. Use your hands to rip the jeans even further.
9. Reinforce your jeans if you wish.
10. Wear your ripped jeans.

To see more go to How To Rip Your Own Jeans



For someone who doesn’t like ripped jeans like the firs one, you can have the ripped knee jeans. It only has a ripped on the knee part of the jeans. Most of the girls wear this jeans.


1. Hold the jeans against your body and note where the knee sits.
2. Double check if you have the right point by folding the jeans in half from the cuff to the waist band.
3. Where the jean creases is where your knee sits in the jeans, and this will be where you want to make the ripped incisions. Use your finger to press along the crease so that it leaves a visible line to guide your incision.
4. Place the piece of thick cardboard inside the jeans down to the crease point to protect the back of your jeans when you are cutting the front.
5. Use a Stanley knife to cut along the crease. Start at the center and cut 1-2 inches to the left and cut the same distance to the right.
6. Place one hand above and your other hand below the incision, and gently pull the rip open to separate the fabric and check that the incision is even.
7. Repeat on the second leg.


To see more go to STYLECASTER


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