Do It Yourself T-shirt Designs

Turn your old t-shirts into a new one. Many of us doesn’t have time for shopping, and we have some old clothes that we didn’t wear anymore because it’s too big, too small or just because you don’t like its style anymore.

Doing DIY stuffs is  one of the great way to save money. You can make summer wear and cool tanks using your old t-shirts.

1. Turn your simple, old t-shirt with these cool shoulder cutouts. In just few easy steps you’ll make this cool shirt. Source & tutorial

basket1                COURTESY OF WobiSobi

2. If you have an over-sized tee you can turn this into a ripped back tee or a swimsuit cover-up. If you want to know how to do this click —> Source & tutorial

Diamond-Back-T-shirt-DIY                         Copyright:

3. This is another way to make over-sized shirt nice and wearable. Source & tutorial

upcycledteetut      COURTESY OF MICHELE NG

4. This is quite easy to make, but this design is unique and beautiful. If you’re interested with this, visit My Laced Up Collar Sleeves. DIY for instructions.


5. Gucci Inspired Cut-out T-shirt — Source & tutorials

4582699146_e6ef086b1c_o1               COURTESY OF MAEGAN TINTARI


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