Creative DIY Piggy Banks and Others For Kids

Have fun while you and you kids are saving money with these piggy banks. You can do this with kids, for them to learn how to be resourceful while saving their money. These piggy banks were made from plastic bottles, milk boxes and mason jars.

Bottle Bank

Look at this cute orange piggy bank. It’s just made from a bottle of bleach covered in construction papers. See for the steps.

sd103630_wi08_cover_xlCOURTESY OF MARTHA STEWART

Lego Crafted Piggy Bank

A lego piggy bank? Yeah you can make a piggy bank made out of the pieces of lego. Just form the shape of the pig like this and leave a space at the top where you will shoot your money.

15-Insanely-Creative-Piggy-Banks-For-Your-Kids-to-Have-Fun-With-While-Saving-Money-homesthetics-decor-10          COURTESY OF

Piggy Banks from Plastic Bottles

If you have plastic soda bottles at home, you can use this to make your own piggy bank. Even kids were able to do this because this is so easy. You can paint different faces of animals that you want to on the bottle. Source and instructions

plastic-bottle-piggy-bank                       COURTESY OF VANESSA BEATY

Mason Jar Superhero Banks

If your boys like superheroes you can give him this superhero bank. You can make your own version of these, you can put your favorite superhero logo on it. Source & instructions

Mason-Jar-Superhero-Banks-2COURTESY OF

Turtle Bank

This turtle bank is so cute and I’m sure that kids will really like this. They can put coins and little toys inside of it, and it floats on water too. Source & Tutorial

210.jpg           COURTESY OF


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