Do It Yourself T-shirt Designs

Turn your old t-shirts into a new one. Many of us doesn’t have time for shopping, and we have some old clothes that we didn’t wear anymore because it’s too big, too small or just because you don’t like its style anymore.

Doing DIY stuffs is  one of the great way to save money. You can make summer wear and cool tanks using your old t-shirts.

1. Turn your simple, old t-shirt with these cool shoulder cutouts. In just few easy steps you’ll make this cool shirt. Source & tutorial

basket1                COURTESY OF WobiSobi

2. If you have an over-sized tee you can turn this into a ripped back tee or a swimsuit cover-up. If you want to know how to do this click —> Source & tutorial

Diamond-Back-T-shirt-DIY                         Copyright:

3. This is another way to make over-sized shirt nice and wearable. Source & tutorial

upcycledteetut      COURTESY OF MICHELE NG

4. This is quite easy to make, but this design is unique and beautiful. If you’re interested with this, visit My Laced Up Collar Sleeves. DIY for instructions.


5. Gucci Inspired Cut-out T-shirt — Source & tutorials

4582699146_e6ef086b1c_o1               COURTESY OF MAEGAN TINTARI



DIY Flip Flops Ideas

I’ve found 8 of the easiest and cutest designs of flip flops that can help you to make your own. If your not satisfied with the design of your slippers and you want to beautify it try these designs that I’ve found. These designs were very easy and you can use cheap and recycled materials on it, but you’ll be comfortable when you wear it. You don’t need to spend a lot of money for these. You’ll see some designs for kids, summer and others.

Knot So Hard Flip Flops

This cute flip flops only takes less than 30 minutes and it’s very easy. There’s no sewing required, you just need to knot and glue it if you want. All you need is a scrap fabric and off course a pair flip flops and you’re ready. Click here for instructions.

Knot-So-Hard-Flip-Flop-Tutorial         COURTESY OF DESTRI

Macramé Sandals

Macramé sandals also doesn’t require sewing, you just need to know how to do square knots but it would be easy for you. You only need to prepare a pair of flip flops, T-shirt yarn  and scissors and you’re set. You can also make your own yarn from your old T-shirts. Click here for instructions.

DIY-flip-flops-2.jpg           COURTESY OF WILMA BOEKHOLT

Beaded Flip Flops

Summer is the perfect time to wear this beaded flip flops while you’re walking in the beach together with your family. This is very easy and affordable, all you need to prepare are pair of flip flops, ribbon, assorted sizes of beads, shells, hot glue, needle and a thread. Click here for the steps.

beaded-flip-flops-13     ©

Buttoned Down Flip Flops

This is very easy to do. You’ll have fun while doing thing adorable and colorful flip flops design. Using different colors and sizes of buttons, ribbon and a glue, you can make your own colorful design of this flip flops or what ever design you want. Click here for instructions.

6a0105349d6b3d970c015433afef74970c-500wi                    COURTESY OF SARAH HODGKINSON

Ruffled T-Strap

If you want a sandals that can be paired with jeans, skirts and others, this one is perfect for you. This is so cute, it will look great in any colors and in any sizes of its ruffles. Click here for the steps.



Look how these flip flops were decorated, you can make your own flip flops designs too. If you want one of these designs, click here to see and learn how to these.

100_4356          COURTESY OF 2 GOOD CLAYMATES


DIY Popsicle Stick Frame

After eating popsicle, you can keep its stick after cleaning it for future use. When you already have collected many popsicle sticks, you can create a lot of crafts made out of these, like the popsicle stick frame. You can make many designs like these:

  • Popsicle Stick Frame

This one is simple, easy and can be done even by kids. Watch the video tutorial


  •  Popsicle Stick Button Frame.

    This is almost the same as the first one but the difference is, this frame has buttons pasted on the popsicle sticks. It also has a bible verse written at the bottom of the frame. All you need are buttons, popsicle sticks, glue and a black skinny sharpie. Click here for the steps


  • Puzzle on Popsicle Stick Frame

Using the small pieces of your old puzzles and popsicle sticks, you can create a little Christmas frame. You can use it as a home decor or a picture frame. First, form a square or frame using the popsicle sticks. Then paste the pieces of puzzles to the popsicle stick frame. And if you want, you can paint the whole frame with green and red and put a ribbon at the side.


  • Stenciled Popsicle Stick Frame

This will be more difficult than the others. But this one is more beautiful and artful. You only need to prepare popsicle stick, glitters, mod podge rocks stencils in starlight, spouncer and a hot glue. Click here for the steps